The preparation used is the "Extractum Pancreatis" made by

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colon, where they collect chiefly in the sigmoid flexure. The descending

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Pellagrin 822 was ZZ years of age when she suffered her first attack in 1911.

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Mr, Mackay is a multiple-millionaire, our sympathies are with

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so that the top surface, concave upward, and the bot-

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their position, the thighs are drawn inwards and rotate so that

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substance, the production of a satisfactory therapeutic

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the quickest means of cure. There was pain when the child

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kerchief, or old hat, or cane, by men who have reached here lame, without a hat,

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portion of the sexes in older communities, so that females are in

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Pneumococcus, type undetermined and Micrococcus catarrhalis 1

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vaso-motor nerves." Dr. Barnes^ says that "it is undoubtedly

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Swale Vincent and Jolly {Journ. rhysiol., Cambridge and London,

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for greater mounting heights. In a brief article, time does not suffice

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go along, to improve upon his methods. For we shall fix our attention

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out of the question without anesthesia. For their infirmities ihe

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similar effect. This was continued faithfully for about two weeks

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were ol uncertain etiology, they are listed below to serve as alerting

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excite it. When the chordee is severe, it may cause rupture of one

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By bringing together the quantities of the different animal

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In regard to the treatment of these polypi, he says they should be removed

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should be chosen for the site of a field hospital. If possible, a

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Pass the aneurysm needle from without mesially in order

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juvant chemotherapy with procarbazine hydrochloride, lo-

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pressure in gall bladder region, and deep palpation caused acute ten-

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Greek state sent out most colonies, aud for what reason? (4)

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or State medicine is control by the State and payment

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Army of the Potomac, in compliance with Special Orders No. 14, War

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proportion. The increased penetrative qualities of modern pro-

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birth, when its appointed time is accomplished, there dilat-

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was the case in similar experiments on swelling. This suggests that

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appeared during the twelve months, including the period of gestation and the

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attack ; a teaspoonful being taken in sugared water or tea, and repeated in