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thighs upon the trunk, and probably flexion of the trunk. Dis-
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after the operation he discovered a fulness between the uterus
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fore the operation, and the peritoneal cavity was filled with a
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as the part where the sore is seated is more or less abun-
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seemed to cause a retrogression of the tumor, a fact which we have
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of poisoning have resulted from its employment. At least one
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ill. When one of my assistants reached him he was told that the patient
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reducing the amount of uric acid excreted in the urine, by a re-
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manganate of potassium, boracic acid, and others of equal im-
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an influence which is often controlling in character.
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duced by too large a dose are, heat in the stomach, frequent
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think it will be if we examine those cases carefully in which iron
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flammations. I have been accustomed to say to my classes that
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some cases, rarely, it is true, by complete paraplegia."
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other preservatives present in sera may be the cause of accidents. It is
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Sourwood has been extensively, and in many cases success-
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charcterized by profuse fluxes, whether of mucus, blood or serum.
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four or live strips of adhesive plaster. Dr. O'Byrne adminis-
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elevated temperature, in one case being noted as high as 99.9°.
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one and a half drachms daily) ; heart failure in consequence of
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their special advantages, also, in constringing the capil-
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ment an increase of one degree of temperature would correspond
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plained of by those of poor blood and poor circulation.
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this subject of marriage. Thus, there were fifty-eight
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an inch to as much as two inches. The area of dullness is in-
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acteristic of acute inflammation of the thoracic viscera and of
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of horn. A strap should be placed around the hoof, to
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"1. What are the nature and causes of the alterations in the
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sion in all wasting diseases. Not only is the epithelial layer im-
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Man's body is composed of cells and cell derivatives, arranged
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shown in the contracted and opaque skin in the one case, and the
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cow be witli calf, and how far she is along. In a week
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onset, usually there is swelling, heat and tenderness along
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