Stomach, liver, spleen and intestines normal. Abdomen thin,
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came into bloom April 27, and into leaf May 3. The season's
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club-shaped at the closed extremity, just, in fact, as Sharpey and others
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take much exercise, for the outside of ahorse is equally good for the
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made at hospital. Radiography and radioscopy verified the clinical
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* " Chez les Enfans aouveau*nes I'apophyse epineuse o'existe point encore.
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pears to have several advantages over mercury glycocoll,
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experiments of Devergie, Von Barensprung and others. Dr.
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also, the infant has acquired strength sufficient to contend against
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vealed infiltration at both uppers suggestive of rein-
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in the evacuations of patients suffering from cholera. In 1885,
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bility of this measure in many cases of his extensive experience. Vig-
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Assistant Attending Physician, North Shore University
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