acetate of strychnine, treated in the same manner, gave also its crys-
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cervical vertebra there was a fragment of a knife, which projected backwards for
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mentioned. It is lined with mucous membrane continu-
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liable to loss or disturbance of its pigment, also to haemorrhages.
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constriction existed, she clasped her throat. I carefully examined her, and felt
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within the mouth; and the muscles of the throat, larynx, and trachea were
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The plates are referred to in the Preface as being themselves
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People who still fear they may "take cold" from a sham-
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which will be again referred to. If this cannot be obtained,
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mechanical defect of the substance being unequally heated. That the
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is rapid, the separation cannot take i)lace; but in the capillary system, where the
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The three children were all well formed, and were hearty and living, when the
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his face against the floor and slightly wounding his lip. This is the worst
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a m i s s here. It is still a common thing for a diphtheria
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labour by the shoulder bj herself, the modes being, (a) spontaneous
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begun to subside. In one very severe case, as the inflammation left the
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*' During the six months of the cold season it is tonic, without
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stant supply of water, the men would soon learn to look on cleanli-
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380 Dupre on the YeUoiv Fever at Key West. ["October
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P.Iartins.|| — La Lancette Francaise, May 12, 1840.
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nitrogen/' ^ though seemingly opposed by some interesting
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drops off; there is no idceration and no hsemorrnage. As soon as
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may cause what amounts to nothing more tiian a running
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a saline. Dry heat, such as a hot-water bag or a hot
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iodine may be driven off, and the suspected substance be left avail-
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any particular source of suffering or trouble. I have known such a state
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comes aroimd and gives advice about ventilation, heat-
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been made in the integuments, and the muscles separated, an inch and a half
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Although appearing in the modest garb of a thesis, it contains
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would seem to have been at Havre in the first or second week of
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fessor Trouasean, whose example and labours have done much
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all doubts as to the nature of the malady ceased. The epidemic
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is known on shore as house-to-house visitation might readily be
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more carefully regulating the heat a sublimate in very small granules
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Virchow in confirmation of this supposed flux. In this case we
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formulas which happened to be suitable or efficacious
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tistics, nearly every case o? febris icterodes characterized by black vomit,
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