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cases. ■ Commonly they pluck out their hair, or rub their skin into sores.

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on which too much stress may perhaps be laid, from the fact that it

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or during the abeyance or disorder of the sexual functions ; it is there-

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able tips of drawn-out, glass capillary tubing can be

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earned in one of his most fortunate years, at least £2,000

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one or both sides ; in either case the spasm may occur in all or only in

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that attended her in her illness, from a sight of the method

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tented," a state of feeling, however, that did not prevent him

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papules covered with crusts, and the characteristic round bodies and

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merely the centric result of a vicious ccensesthesia, from somatic abnor-

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are on record. A certain instability is essential to nervous action. In

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various degrees of strength. About 1 in 16 (3ss. ad §j.) is an ordinary

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and chains. Forms grayish white colonies of slow growth ; rounded

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sis of ash is to be made, an acid-washed, ash-free filter

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He is conjectured to have maintained himself by working

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than an intercurrent disease. One of my patients, whom I have known

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Course. — This disease arises at first in connection with pregnancy and

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consequences which soon prove fatal. The effects of a re-

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most improving cases are those in wbich fits begin after puberty, in

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mental disease. An initial stage of depression or irritability, followed

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limited to the neighbourhood of the natural apertures, especially the anus,

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case of absence of the thyroid in which there was a mixture of myxoedema

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it should be heated and cooled in the same fashion in a bath con-

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possible, even by syringe, and artificial warmth applied, either by

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kind may easily be injurious to others, and may easily become criminal ;

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with the best blood of the land in his veins ; and, if there

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tharides, turpentine, nitrate of silver, and indeed many other substances.

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ordinary size, producing generalised oedema and a local slough. If the

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delusional insanity, stupor or hysterical instability; but, to speak

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