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quantities of tubercle bacilli were injected subcutaneously, there

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Gouge and chisel: For gouging and splitting bone (Fig. 160).

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the flexor muscles ; and pleurosthotonos, of the lateral muscles of

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serving certain strains of well-known and productivo blood, the fol-

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found no microscopic change in the cord in the only

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a time on the lips, teeth, and gums. A young miss in Arkansas died

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field hospital is stationed ; the third (c), by selecting a site near

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sent in elevated situations, are next enumerated. iS^aumatic inflamnuition runs a lighter

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the tumor is small and the operation will not be severe, the doctor

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mon bile duct, and a normal appearing gallbladder. There

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puberty there is another large chance of epilepsy development. That is

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In this case there is an eruption of finely-pointed pim-

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slight laceration of the intestinal peritoneum. The

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mour, particularly about the angle of the jaw, — from the probabilit

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in the checking up of venereal diseases partly because the Draft Boards

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vaccinia is generalized, vesicles forming at other points on the arm,

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skepticism, which- succesfully holds at bay all his advances. The- innate

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very bad condition to undergo the trials of utero-gestation.

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tary canal in the young, middle aged, or old, listerine has given most satisfactory

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been habituated, they are too insensible. If it was

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distinguishes so many towns of English fashionable resort is evi-

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I use water in fevers from any cause, and think the practice

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their infallible virtue, they submitted animals and themselves to be bitten

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insects, scabies, and other affections of the kind may have an indirect

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nected with its employment in medicine is that it does

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applied to raw or unsettled sewage where other treatment is

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pull., ser. 3, t. xvii. pp. 48-50) that he recently had

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in bed for a fortnight on account of severe bronchitis, with violent cough-

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the mouth were marked, as was also the anesthesia of the vitiligen-

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able advantage ; but I refrained from them for the reason before

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tions or emergencies, and their treatment ; and, finally,

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media and claims to have reproduced the disease from subcutaneous

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ciable in man. With regard to the action of the continuous current upon sen-