the left side, accompanied by intense dyspncea, and

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and it extended under the frontal convolutions ; it looked

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niucihige to mix. Divide into 24 pills. — E. Wilson.

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S.Allen Potter, M.D., of Roxhury. "Training Nurses," by

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Rocky Mountains region being 5 a. m.. 1 and 9 p. m.).

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of recent times was washing out the stomach. In old

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Stout, grayish, with a close pubescence throughout; very many

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A WORK of this kind will go far to rescue massage from

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seroprevalence rate was found among women who reported

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Therefore, dear housewives, no corsets ! They bring

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proof of this opinion I refer to Merkel's statements in his article

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biting and rubbing. Soon the ulcer became moist and discharged a

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determines this, Imt the method we used was to watch with the

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effects. The animal is already in yiolent convnlsions, and will prob-

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tional method of handling and treating surgical emergencies

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prospects that oppress the Medical Profession, like a leaden weight —

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tions. There are many cases in life where to convince,

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Dr. James H. Currey opened the discussion by giving a

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whole matter. He gradual/ _ e, and died on the morning

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or slight flatulent faecal, urinary or biliary extravasa-

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The first two observations on Cyril K. were made six hours after

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Probably rare ; collected only on upper Wind River, August 10,

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awakes. She has had no illness of any kind. She was vaccinated

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These cases are in no way connected with any venereal taint.

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the recovery being complete, and in the other case the affection

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are of the greatest value. Proper changes in the systems of ven-

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and cyverthrown, the heat doth overthrow it m(5re. It doth

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Dr. Henry Sibthorpe was a very different man, eminently retiring and

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into final coma. Death commonly takes place on the fifth or sixth day.

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f§ij. Misce. This preparation is known as spiritus saponis kalinus.

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warrant the expectation of acquiring character in their profes-

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transport duties are provided from an outside corps than there

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solid preparations of the metal, is it not a necessary

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dead foetus could contribute nothing to the delivery;