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The attendance at this initial meeting was most en-
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efficient as possible under the conditions of that period.
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and moisture ; secondly, we may promote vaso-motor action by
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stitute for mercury and the potassium iodide, during the late war
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daily in 26 newspapers scattered throughout the State.
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the prostatic filling defect may be seen. There is no
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rash, most often an urticaria, is frequently associated
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Among the newer uses which have been made of Sulfonal in
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lynching all of the defendants were insane, and therefore not
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3. Prepare inventory of protective equipment availa-
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swollen foot at several places and rubbed ointment into the wounds.
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LOV-E products are expertly fitted in exact accordance with the
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eventually, in large part, be proffered to the 1943
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ices? — North Carolina Medical Journal, October, 1942.
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method of measuring doses is to give the extract in
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_ The descending aorta is not the source of this shadow,
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with slight effort. His wife is expecting a child. He
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Ah, yes ! more than your share of trouble, haven't you, poor girl,"
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been kept too long before inspissation, and became decomposed."
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In the year 1865, I had a typical example of this kind of mis-
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ADMISSION: For full particulars regarding admission requirements and the accelerated program write
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biotin, suggesting the possibility that, if biotin should
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or to be read at the opening session of the 1943 House
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same process as used in the manufacture of Philip Morris Cigarettes.
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The Journal of the Association reports in its January 2
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containing ten minims of carbolic acid to the drachm. The
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tions of physicians or others for advice in prevention
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the period of adaptation from forty-five or fifty minutes
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1. Frazier. C. H. : Surgery of the Spine and Spinal Cord,
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Concerning the period of hospitalization. Dr. Quereau
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ment, at the lower end of the dorsal region for about one inch in
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to prescribe and collect. It is only the very young or unoccupied
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measures taken to ameliorate the patient’s distress, and
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money,” they said to Dr. Bower and Dr. Burns. It is
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7. Samson, P. C. : Tuberculous Tracheobronchitis, Ibid.,
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manner — in terms that the laymen could readily under-
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in the Toxemias of Late Pregnancy, Proc. Soc. Bxper. Biol,
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ity, it seems that in the public interests a simple, direct
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Retinal Arteriolar Changes in Sclerosis and Hypertension
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1. Influence of local (ocular) sensitivity and gen-
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1942, Mahoney pleaded guilty and was fined $100 and
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of hospitalization reduced by the use of sulfathiazole.