The operation was the supra-pubic one, done in the usual way,
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The publisher of these volumes could not have selected the dif-
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rigidity; some slight occasional spontaneous movements of the
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and if at the same time the laryngeal mucosa is prop-
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Daniel L. Sullivan died at his home in Columbus, from typhoid fever,
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jected, V)ut the corpus deltcli aliunde rule should be
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(Louisville, Ky.) They were introduced by Mr. J. C. Christopher, in an
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It occurred to me that if I could relieve an aneurism of the
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slow decomposition at 214-5° with slight preKminary softening and
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of inflammatory leucocytosis. The most marked lymphocytosis
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to a tubercular paronychia on a rhumatoid nodosity. M.
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Dr. J. C. Culbertson, for the past two years editor of the "Jour-
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any quarter. The aim of courses 6, 7, and 10 will be to train the student to do intelligent
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I die and my wife is left a widow, my boy gets into the juvenile court
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solution into the bladder and its subsequent detection
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catgut bougie, and this mode of treatment had been repeatedly followed by the
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uses the following satirical language : " Whatever may be said
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Chloride of zinc was at one time largely employed as an anti-
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tinent negatives; detailed history and physical notes; and
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Schatz, Professor Slavatinsky, of St. Petersburg, has
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May 20-21— 8th Annual Neurosurgery Postgraduate Course: Intracra-
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form framework for health care professionals in which to
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The Training School for Nurses is under the care of
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of blood lead in workers with chronic lead intoxication. Am J Ind Med 1985;
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• It has always seemed to me that the diagnosis pf disease and a thor-
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although the number is too small to deduce any definite conclusions,
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enucleated the mass and the patient made an uninterrupted recovery.
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up to the present time that the two diseases are distinct.
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that if the proportion of alkaline phosphates of the food is deficient, there
of this means so easy and simple, that no difficulty need be experi-
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to New Haven was attracted to our clinic as he had heard that our
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pression in the gastric region when the patient is stand-
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carried in some other way, and the only other way suitable
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diphtheria ; the patient is generally fit in every way till the onset