{a.) With relation to the veterinary instruction suitable to stu-

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mation in the lungs themselves and their appendages, the larynx,

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lort on the •'Botany of the' Death Valley Expedition "

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rarely come up again. This can be done quickly with a

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At one time it was assumed that the toxic symptoms were caused by

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These are problems for the health officer, for the physician and the

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than is required or safe. Of course, if any tendency to syncope

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also no disturbance of the digestive organs or salivation. He has also admin-

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consuming process, but rather we have the ability to and]

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well as the cords of animals in which some of the dorsal roots

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anything passing through them. But I set these remarkable cases aside

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Pneumococcaemia, according to Ewing's collection of cases, is usually

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Austria, not far from Karlsbad and Marienbad, which has enjoyed a

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eight boys from nine to fifteen years, and carefully examined them. In

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5. There are no proper sleeping accommodations. Insane people

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tion and aid. But I shall at least point out to you what are those

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search for the origin of eclampsia was the same as to search

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provincial and local, will, thereby, be increased in both numbei and

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Years ago we used a solution of chloride of ammonium as a

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measure of health ; their breathing and circulation may be

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higher fever with occasional very high evening temperature. Multiplication

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still the age of the eye and the devising hand, as an instrument of

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the libido to the color of the stools of our classmates,

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pain should have subsided, and thereafter wlifn the

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tricle. Such results while valuable, however, lack the definiteness of

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nitrate of potash, and inclosing pieces of it thoroughly dried in

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especially for the detection of glandered animals. As a preventive make-