become inflammatory. On the second or third day, or even
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2. List of patients suffering from epidemic diseases (Form 54),
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as a punishment, it is inadequate, and a perversion
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these findings it is to bring them into line with other researches
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planation of this condition is to be sought in a change
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14. Prayer for binding devils and for undoing charms. Title : j\A°^ •• fl?»'}"f* «
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not urea per hour. The lowest gravity and yet maximum solids indi-
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apple in umbilical region. Animal was cast by Dr. Frank Grif-
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the pulse throughout the disease has been noticed. A
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nurses serve the dinner to the patients and the night nurses the
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treatment of this class of unfortunate fellow-beings, we feel that we
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of Louisville, Medical Department, Session of 1895-96.
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cians of large communities, or of a large section !
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than paraldehyde or chloral. — Mi'Dulhiier inedizin.
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\rhich is useful: that is this small ^lass syringe, that can
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inclination to increasing dulness, calabar bean should be
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the small cysts, the tumor was found to contain 33| pints of
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time and thereafter, the patient's general health was improved by sys-
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Under the fictitious appellation of " Dr. D." I perceive an allusion to
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application must be conceded as successful. Dr. Holman is a
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somewhat pubescent ; corolla, bright golden yellow, about five lines long ;
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cause of malarial fever. Dr. Saint-Sevrin, who is Professor of Bacteriology
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chiefly composed of shreds of muscle fibres and amorphous particles of
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scription of the Hospitals of Munich. We select for this month hit
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occurred among the unvaccinated, none occurred among the vacci-
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M. L.\ Torre, of Messina, from his researches, con-
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slippers for each woman patient, cigars, cigarettes and tobacco