the club-house, without interference from the rain.
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marked effect which insufficiency of food has in so reduc-
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Snow fell on 16 days. 9 of which were after the 17th. The 2nd, 3rd, and 12th, were the only
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word at a time. The history of the case, and the symptoms, seemed to point
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diagnosis has suffered with the introduction of scientific tests
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Here then is a profession which may justly be ranked as
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distinction ; it must constantly be borne in mind. Ad-
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stools. This drain upon the system is probably the cause
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dinarily there is produced in the region of the point of injection
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hospital was not the one I would have adopted, he has succeeded in
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iide of the spoon. Do not take two plates of the same kind of
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is soluble in 0"66 of water. A solution of ecjual parts by weight of acid
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patches of sclerosis occurring in the medulla it is not surprising that
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the extension of the gangrenous process. When this process is not asso-
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dents, the liability to which diminishes as one's experience
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numerical inferiority in troops and guns; and it was further
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in the thighs, the tensor vaginse femoris, the sartorius and adductors should
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more than one observation was made; indeed the blood cultures
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more pronounced in patients with first-degree heart block. In patients
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of antigen and patient's serum and containing two, three, four or more
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ments given in most text-books, he formulates the fol-
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have all seen cases of appendicitis in which a timely dose of
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from his paper it is doubtful if he had a clear idea at that time of the dis-
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like pieces of flotsam. Tn. ; circumcorneal injection
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resected 7 to 8 cm. of rib, but now does not hold himself to any
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four days, during which time the boy's temperature kept at
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