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a boy 12 years of age, who was admitted with a diag-
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but to review history to be impressed by the fact that
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cians. He served as president of the Cambria County
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the tests are positive. The danger should be explained,
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affected joints. Usually prompt relief is experienced.
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to affirm that the disease is of an epithelio-matous nature. — N. Y.
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from the druggist in the effort to protect his interests. It is well
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ously ill. On February 14, flowers were to be sent to
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We have the honor to submit Jierewith the following
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ical, why this agent is a valuable one. Hydrogen Peroxide acts
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seen together. Certainly there is no record of such a
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small type also condenses much detail into small space.
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stomach and cord, and so gave rise to the vomiting and palsy.
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eye that may result from lightstroke. Overstimulation
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Secretary: Walter F. Donaldson, 8104 Jenkins Arcade, Pitts-
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Second, that the personal interest manifested by the
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19. Dr. Schlosser is a lieutenant in the U. S. Army
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dividual, showed a postirradiation slough four months
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graduates have filled positions of great responsibility
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of the patient. In fact, ordinary common sense will
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volume is taken up with Etiology and Diagnosis. The present
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ures instituted without delay. Bronchopulmonary infection and bronchial obstruction if long continued
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ment of diseases of the breast have accumulated within
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mittee were in charge of the luncheon arrangements.
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health needs is explained by Joel Dean, director of the
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scriptions, and for use when two medicines are to ba taken in alternation?
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colon can carry on with very little lumen. The patient’s
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plete transverse lesions ; 6 of these patients died
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Ave., Altoona, Chairman; John H. Alexander, 429 Penn
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“Officers of the medical societies of New York, Mas-
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of swelling involving the eyes, lips, and ears. These
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suffering intensely. Trie pain came on suddenly with nausea and
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fourth or full skin thickness are cut and put close to-
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states, and only 6 per cent of all counties in the country.
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dermatologists in the use of this chemical committed
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seasonal range was from 5 per cent in July to 18 per
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dent, Mrs. Charles C. Crouse, and President-elect, Mrs.
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Metropolitan Life Insurance Co., Vol. 22, No. 6, June, 1941.