member of the Amebican .Medical Association, for many
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spreads rapidly over the tonsil and into the crypts. He uses it in
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legs. Headache was not a symptom at the beginning, but
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after an attack. After the attacks he will go to sleep almost
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Presentation of Dr. Keen's Portrait. — ^The presentation
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ing a phthisical parent than from having a tuberculous
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Crothers, Hartford, Conn.; "Complicated Fractures: Diagnosis
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Frederick A. W. Conn, captain and asst.-surgeon. Vols., recently
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all favor a specially large attendance. The members
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cusses causes of mammary carcinoma according to the asso-
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the cure accomplished with scarcely any scar or deformity. In this instance
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life — and so deeply, so sincerely regretted and deplored on his death.
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heart. Its use in puerperal eclampBia has no doubt increased
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ing questions will be discussed: Division I. Statistical. —
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special speech development and general power of expression
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president and secretary of the society of which they are mem-
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arrange themselves to form three structures, viz. the memhrana granulosa
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the sufferings of the mother should govern us in their application, even
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raittents. In Sedgwick's case, the influence of the mercurial action was