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lawn; for the open air is one of the best of tonics. A soldier whose

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1913, she had a recurrence, beginning in May, manifested by erythema, sore

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and was called for. In his opinion, these cases were

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the operation was a question that depended upon the operator's personal

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could be put down to that, as the patients were very sceptical

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Prof. Bakai^ tested paraldehyde as an antidote to strych-

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rigors, elevation of temperature, and quickening of the pulae-rate. A

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with or witliout infection of the peritoneum, the disease sometimes

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difficulties in the way of its solution. In order to heljD our-

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and simple. The rubber tube from the gas-cylinder-union is

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except in the case of the joint between the third and fourth

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deal with some of them in another paper. Here it is important to

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The patient received cardiopulmonary resuscitation and

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exists operation is rarely necessary, and if acute not unless the peril of

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external malleolus, in the treatment of flat-foot valgus from functional impo-

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There does not exist, therefore, the same necessity for ex-

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year the rima became almost closed from paralysis of the abduc-

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with febrile symptoms is complete until the condition of the

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iritis not ti-eated by atropine, as was found out by

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ing the animal standing lower behind. Sometimes it is very hard to

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tumours. It was present in 6 of Bernhardt's cases, 3 of Wetzel's, and 11

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fomentations, as cold water. It becomes necessary in some cases

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sympathetic bundles can sometimes be followed into the vagus,

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hospital gangrene being observed. 36 The necessity for giving an

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The right femur shows evidence of beginning osteitis defor-

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omy in 21 cases, with five recoveries, and intubation