calculated to exert upon the characters of any wounds, should any be
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absorbed by the air, though a vapour will form whether air i-s present
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the year. With the exception of drill, each subject of the courses
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of piano string, in fact, which answered the purpose admirably. The long neck
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Why did the salol prove so exceptionally toxic, while in other cases it has
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us a delightful study of the methods and manners of
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will cause a much greater change in CH in diabetic blood to below 5
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markable how small a quantity of blood being" taken will relieve. Two or three
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of the body is affected. It is very rarely seen in the lower ani-
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during the lifetime of the individual — in infancy and at full
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well as that of the ethereal and neutral sulphates, becomes increased
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litis, may transmit the disease to others. For the investi-
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Siboney and later on board of a hospital transport re-
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At ages 10 to 30 days, four infants of breast-feeding
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cases, in only five was the age at onset over 15 years.
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juices, and dries up the secretions. These effects are only just pen-
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the pierced womb, it furvived during a quarter of an
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Biihrer was able to show a parallelism between the action on rabbits
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backs of the mice, time of exposure 2 minutes. After the seven exposures both
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found in abnormal sites. Sometimes they have descended into
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had been, but two small fresh pustules were present on left wrist, which patient
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the Anagallis arveiisis, or Chickweed, the subject of a thesis read before
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of the right chest, extending to the left of the sternum. Vocal
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turbance preceding the muscle pains ; the well-marked fever ; the early
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logicians cannot get over the idea that there is no logic like that
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From attendance at this exhibition of the progTess made in a compara-
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of yeast or by baking pozcders; the second constitutes the so-called
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of humanity and the good of the service, has been vested
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two systems, both costing about the same, all things being included,
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velocity of the water current. Hence the present system of
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young man aged 23, which he treated by an injection of iodine.
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disease developed on an average of three weeks after
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Who shall measure our tears, who be ashamed to grieve
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Medical Colleges and Schools, late Works, Surgical Appliances, Instramenta
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and even the ticking of a clock. When that influence has passed off,
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infection, but this did not interfere with the normal course