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per vaginam. His observations on the ill effects of hard purging

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application of radium was then made under cocaine in the X-ray room

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have to get rid of the night-air supcrslition. Like the dread of cold water,

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was recommended in Trousseau's " Treatise on Thera-

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Medical State Board Questions and Answers. By R. ]\Tax

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of locomotor ataxy. Up to the present time, it cannot be affirmed that distant

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suffered most ; but my recollection is not clear about any-

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Cyclitis. See Iris, Ciliary Body, and Choroid; Iritis,

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In 1893, my father stood for Parliament, contesting the Walton

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suffered most ; but my recollection is not clear about any-

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about half opened. In the majority of cases reported,

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other members of the Staff of the London Hospital for permission to

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six tons, and had about three tons of load on it at the

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tion and restoring vision, 2,3,iV0 when a total dose

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the cervix would be unknown. (It is not -safe, I might

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Upon the subject of ardent spirit, that has been obtained by distillation,

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she seemed to be dying daily, a surgeon, who was called in consultation,

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We shall not attempt, in this limited sketch, to introduce any further

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results, is liable to bring open-air treatment into disrepute.

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sent to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Penn-

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grains of quinine sulphate were given twice daily, to

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Thout, the Egyptian Hermes or Mercury, — always re-

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strength of the scar by keeping up constant pressure and massage-

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absolutely necessary, both for the purpose of guarding against

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does not develop, or develops but slowly, at a tempera-

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the " City of Palaces," inhabited by the English, was much less

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tius and Varolius were contemporaries, both made their

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the most searching in tuberculin diagnosis. At present it may

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that the general characters of the diseased growths in

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with ihe shorter one. He then searched for the position of the small

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labor. Thns the poisoned blood, the vitiated discharges, and