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Thompson, on milk-sickness, in which he advances the opinion, that the
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growth and developement is robbed from them by the aged,
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transient arrhythmia. Direct stimulation by pressure on the vagus,
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are those of the whole brain sections in the chapter on the endbrain.
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one case ; a medullated nerve fiber found in one ; pallor of the disk
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When, however, we encounter a characteristic neuralgic pain,
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cause may produce deep-seated mischief. In order to
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bismuth paste in old chronic sinuses and empyema. In our own
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on dental pathology twenty-five years. Written over seventy dental
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In multiple neuritis due to lead, it is to be emphasized
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in the army. On being asked his opinion as to what was the
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died at his home at Oneonta, N. Y., on April 3d, at
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all tended toward a good end, namely, a clear expres-
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the formation of substances resembling ptomaines which are absorbed
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on which the diagnosis, prognosis, and — so far as possible — the
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paired functions, to be attributed to this cause, and at
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grains of carbonate of magnesia, and a fluidoance of water, and then filtering
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notwithstanding the preventive treatment already de-
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The chief feature of importance in relation to this disease as affecting the
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Both studies showed drug efficacy in patients who had
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handlin<,' hums is sui)erior over any other method; the paraffin-wax
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effusion was in some cases hard and sanious. Punctate extravasations
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when given in any other way its bitterness would cause it to be
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the number of soldiers and of civilian males examined at that weight, on which
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arranged so that the operating facilities should be in
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nodes may only exist here as in the case of a patient operated on by
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Beck, J. E., hospital steward. To report to medical officer
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slightly flattened, cord-like ligament is seen. It is now
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intestinal flux. The result was arrest of the diarrhoea, and re-
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limit, but on teHling Marmorok'M own serum he found
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for all of these little blocks of bone to slip out of
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Examiner for September, Prof. W. H. Byford has an elaborate article, 34 pages
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ment), the New York surgeons have found, because of the
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is a pyaemic manifestation. It is a secondary condition, the result of a bac-
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ject. Alienation from the God in which they believed
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its internal border and of the distal phalanges of the toes.
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strauge to say, often there is scarcely a quorum pres-