branches themselves, or indirectly from them through the great sympa-
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petual snow, as in Switzerland. But they are not ; none attaining an
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sea, and that the Bristol Channel at that remote period commenced at
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These were rather small, but perfectly normal ; and the patient could
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fine climate, with its bracing hill-stations, can hardly be considered a
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dicine of a University in the United Kingdom, or of any Foreign
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Late Physician-Accoucheur to the Royal Free Hospital.
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been done was, through the force of circumstances, left undone ; but it
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these cases under treatment. He thought Mr. Watson had omitted all
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strangulation, which lasts for a certain time, but, on the patient taking
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about to be searched did our messenger recollect this document. He
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case it was removed on the fourth day, when the adhesions between
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cal education is the decision of the managers of the Royal Infirmary
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piece of shell traversed horizontally across the face, passing beneath the
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some importance. Answers should be clear, precise, and not too
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well to make every man who presented himself for a medical examin-
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sentatives to be elected by the direct votes of the registered medical
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course very improbable that, without some practical knowledge, a stu-
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disease and of its treatment comes in so great a proportion after pass-
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— Gold and Silver Medals, or other Prizes, as well as Certificates of
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Thus have we seen that, in every county where there is a high mor-
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bear to the number of tliose living within its boundaries : for instance,
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All Letters and Comviunications Jor the Journal, to he addressed to the Editor,
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only chance of saving the patient, although it might be a remote one,
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of Louis XVI. — Dr. Humby has been presented with a handsome oak
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The Wards constantly contain a considerable number of instructive
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"That, in the opinion of the Council, it is of the utmost importance
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in question, to refer to the manner in which Sir William Fergussoiv
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practitioners so well educated would disdain the ill-paid work of
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E.\-hibitions and Pri'-es. — The William Brown Exhibition, for general
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twelve by the votes of the profession. It also contained a provision for
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the Convalescent Home what he was capable of doing ; and in the
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Dr. Hughes Bennett presumed there was very little difficulty in
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selves to the satisfaction of the Court, and were consequently referred
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even by ladies of delicate breeding and high reputation, some of whom,
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the notes of the Gulstonian Lectures, by Dr. Jolin Harley, on Conium,
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are mentioned are Messrs. Ma.'iwell Simpson, Wanklyn, Dupre, and
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regard to the hospital service in case of a volunteer force having to take
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three to five grains to an ounce, as an internal remedy ; and, lastly,