following composition : Two parts bread crumbs, one part

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described a similar disease. Plachte in 1904 also described this disease.

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variable.' Agar gel diffusion (AGD), although accurate, may

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Nor is it wise, except in the case of strong constitu-

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cal Society, at Port Huron, Mich., June 26 and 27 ', 1902.

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zation by inflammatory processes, without giving any local note of their suffering.

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kidneys nor shorten its course, while, on the other hand, they

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Two positions — above (for patients incapacitated by age, illness,

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He had, sometime before, suffered from an attack of the same

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collection and serum for catecholamines became availa-

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From tenth through twenty-fourth month. — Cases 3, 16, 88, 93, 126.

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or the poorer for it. It was a charity to others as

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ate horsemen, stable-boys, farmers, and others of the same class,

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his pupils, what is temperance, or self-restraint, or

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decidedly than any other ; but the general consideration of this subject

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nothing foiind. Autopsy. — Right lateral and superior longitudinal sinuses con-

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contracts and advances, and a marked change occurs in the position and appear*

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Honorary Staff, North Shore Llniversity Hospital. B.A.

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administration. The milder action enables it to be used in the treatment

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; rate for each DRG (or type of illness), the hospital is

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erations 75 per cent, of the cases treated in the City

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character in the limbs ; there is a profuse offensive discharge from

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point it ceases to be healthy. Dr. Peacock : Monthly Journal of Medical

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patient are nothing in comparison with the interests of the

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be notlc&A-r The standing of a physician, with the public

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was less rapid than does Buckle : look at our present-day religious

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has been made. But too many medical writers satisfy themselves in

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Service, and not meetings, is what the physician is demand-

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trating Bible meaning. The Society have wisely issued other

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covered from ; but its progress may be delayed and its

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— topics in which the very principles of the Reformation