material. In another violent paroxysm, on December 3, something seemed

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and diminished mental actinty. In most cases, tliere were none *A

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cine lymph) contain active living particles, thousands of

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late the white blood cell, say of the horse, to protection by inject-

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putable practitioners ; so liberal as to give all opinion

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as is well known, is frequently affected in phthisis. These folds present as

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the formative period. Sometimes foot can scarcely be put on the

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The wounded part, in tliis case tlie hip, remains free , so that

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case the doctor treated in this manner was one of severe dysentery. There

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some clioreic patients shutHe their feet along the ground in walking. In

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fessions, sciences and vocations to outstrip us, we must press for-

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withstanding various remedies given him by his captain, have continued to increase

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mation the medical officer, looking to the very infectious character of

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MacKenzie is certain that many of the cases of paroxysmal

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skin has often an oily appearance. Indifferent to the calls of nature, he

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raise his foot and is very much pleased, after the removal of the

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Morat. Among these are the Avorks of Mazzoni. Fischer, Paul Brun,

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canal, no inferior lacrimal point and no caruncle. (Scheme part

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M.D.: Scientist of the Old South (Lexington: University

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a tuberculous deposit, these signs becoming developed, sooner- or later,

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is obvious that double vision occurs only when the eyes are directed to the

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namely, that of irritable excess, which is exhibited either

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dietary, with the result that within a few years scurvy virtually

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get into the pleura! cavity, as well as into the areolar tissue be-

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upon the tables were the royal pheasants, each decorated with

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rales heard over both scapulae. T.B. medical certificate.

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are regarded as equivalents to orders for additional

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