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April or the end of May, after which operation they
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struction, both acute and chronic, from all other causes was, dur-
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13. The other seven counties which send patients to 1 the
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lay back dead. There was no struggle for life. He never had had any
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Service of the University of Toronto is giving a special course for
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uli, without their being in any way the cause of the
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available for blood aeration, and still further impedes the reactive
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side; great fear and anxiety; pains worse at night,
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ture. I was glad to observe that here embryology is dealt with
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then tic serum for other conditions than those commonly arising from
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4 Atlas und Grundriss der Bakteriologie, Munchen, 1896. g itized by Vj<
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grade of delirium, but tending to that consummation. He was put
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the conjunctival surface, the caustic being applied as directed. The advantage
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usually of the feet and ankles. In only 10 cases was
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features it shares in common are the clinical indications of prostatiam
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1833 a. — Kystes hvdatiques <J. univ. et hebd. de nu'd. et ehir. prat., Par.
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respirations in the same interval rising from 26 to 36. For a
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cough, namely, the period of stiffocative attacks, al-
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The difficult questions to decide are, when to operate ? and, how
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WH»re not badly mixed in the rows, and their comparative
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indispensable and forming a nearly complete armamen-
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and three months, was brought to Mercer's Hospital early
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Adrenaline in Laminitis [Capt. A. J. Williams, F.R.C.V.
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part becoming thick, adhered to the lungs, and the consequence was dyspnoea
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Jahrg. S. 308.— 5rawn, Balncotherapie. 3. Anfl.— G'. Simon, Verhandlungen der
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stated that he had operated in a similar case with a
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consolidated. Still, it is argued, the check to the growth of the aneurism an-