hiccough, lasting three months and resisting all remedies, finally
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inch internally, a tooth could be felt projecting into the cyst. This
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have placed the results more quickly and completely before the reader.
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has been amicably settled between the Milwaukee Medicat
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wounds, tears, ruptures or stabs, — one case, nine
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nessed most striking effects from analogous remedies, such as the iodide
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for defense, and are, therefore, amply supplied with mucus,
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blood to mix with the arterial blood; this is often seen in babies, and
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issued a fine Festschrift of 300 pages on the occasion, which con-
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are always a certain number of cases each year, but it is well controlled and
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second or third ligature is passed in a similar way. The ton-
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edly condemn this ignorance and wantonness ; since, in the minds of
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tion of all of the tissues. This, I believe, is the greatest
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This tabular compilation, which I have made from the fully detailed records of
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mouth was the one to be preferred, as there was then no danger
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regarding the numerical value of the a carbon atom in different de-
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shall it more properly be ascribed to the estimate by which our
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occupy a high position, some even consider it very inferior,
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districts in resolving the tumours and threatened abscesses, as may be ob-