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favorable for muscular work. A liberal supply of albuminous matter

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can^ if carefully sought for^ be found entering at the periphery.

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nation, eight of the other children had been re-vaccinated under his own eye.

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whilst the reverse is the case with swine, carnivorous mammals, and

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Dr. S. J. Sullivan, Cleveland, is chief-of-staff of

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They were about eight in number, and most abundant in the upper

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blind for years, recovered sufficient vision to count fingers across a

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a little in detail what is meant by optic neuritis, as we conceive

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Sometimes this gives very satisfactory results; some-

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vascular and thickened, until the cornea is so completely obstructed as almost

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mouth especially, were still much distorted when he spoke, but the stutter had

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tion, and the limb was kept at rest for forty days. The patient was quite well

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walls, some other agent must be in operation to effect vomiting. Budge,

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Our interest in the black peril here extends only to the

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detected by the ordinary galvanometer-needle. Other experiments are alluded