tion, but this is doubtful. Lastly, there are usually digestive disturb-

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collapsed. The outline of the child could be distinctly felt

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day and night, the patient had gained seven hours' sleep. By the

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contention that general paralysis is a disease of the brain which may be

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" manipulative and palliative measures," even when of long

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forces in nature. Whilst the advances of chemistry were

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vascular access for chemotherapy and administration of:

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though some of them remained alive four or five days after the

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him on the use of Peruvian bark, next day however, returned to the ve-

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stimulating influence which the salt solution has upon the heart. This

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On the occasion of the Franco-German war the French brought

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with in chlorotic women. Palpitations of the heart, and spasms of the

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to the production of an article calculated to injure mankind physically, men-

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and nostrils are increased. The regular periodical type is less

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" Whereas in the opinion of the A'ancouver Medical Association there

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prevails epidemically, during seasons of general scarcity, attacking

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chased by throwing aside for the time being all con-

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given him heart to sacrifice seemingly healthy tissue in order to get

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ache. The other eye remained good. On opening the eyeball I found

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also, as a rule, enlargement of the spleen and of all the lymph glands.

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eclampsia must be included among the diseases caused by toxic

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as the result of not making a thorough study of the subject before

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wounds. Animals not suffering from infectious diseases al*e al-

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Next day, this poor woman succumbed under an advancing pneu-