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11. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Ulcer of the Stomach

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paralysis, spasm, volvulus, intussusception, adhesions and

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force to those having chancres of the genital organs, and in addi-

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covering over half a million of cases of admissions to various hospitals.

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vascular access for chemotherapy and administration of:

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very little bloody serous fluid was obtained, and the

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many cases advances very slowly, and continues for long periods to show

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of absence extended three months. S. O. 171, A. G. O., July

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According to my experience, gathered in the earlier years of

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healthy living children by induction of premature labour.

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Hits to missiles, Franco-German war, note 5, p. 693.

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rion. The sickening odor given off by the astounding masses