Dr. E. F. Whitman, Oculist and Aurist, still remains at
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The Medical Review of Reviews announces change of address from
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ated on this case at the Massachusetts General Hospi-
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convinced that the Bailey Rheostat (made by the Law Telephone
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apply it by means of a small hot-box in which the limb
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Medical Association at Kansas City, was, as the Review pre-
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openings of the surface, if the body has been a spherical one, such
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increases proportionately with the organic matter, its deter-
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A medical student I knew, in spite of the most earnest
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This complaint had yielded to treatment after six months ; the chief
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tion, there is a diminution of the dystonia or tonic muscle
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card will be filled in so far as the data are available at the time, the
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inflammatory origin, and was followed later by the swelling of the
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health, and actively engaged in his professional daties. The preceding
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Extra mess beef. — Same cure as plates; meat used, chucks, plates, flanks, and
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Post-Mortem. — Shows the heart is usualty larger, the muscular fibres
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With the internal orifice of the fistula so high up
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respect, for some authors give them, others do not. Xow, no doubt this is
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Baruch says, "When the cold compress is applied there is a rapid con-
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could estimate, four millimetres in thickness at its
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it is most frequently met with in women, and in them it is most
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and the identity of certain other unclassed fevers — as, for instance, in
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as the case may be, in consequence of an overburdened stomach.
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formed at the seat of swelling. If a patient have two hernise
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patient with hand, elbow, or shoulder tuberculosis, to cam- hand or arm
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bathed in drops of perspiration, face and neck congested and
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any such feelings or passions, or for some time after they have been
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a thorough doing away with them, and a fundamental recon-
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experiments was apparently demonstrated to be the specific cause
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the lesions of the intra-hepatic connective tissue are very
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CHICKENPOX (Latin, varicella; German, Wasserpocken-Windblattern;
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were found to contain cheesy secretions, and patho-
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in full heath, and without any history of pi-evious
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delayed by the vaccination, but will be the same as if inoculation Avith
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Jefferson Hospital ; Attending Gynecologist to the Bryn Mawr
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