seated on the hacl: of the hand. This is llie usual seat of mali-^'iiaut
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PELLATT and Co. submit the following PRICES of VIALS, for
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he detected a strong smell of camphor from the mouth.
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Even under the most favourable circumstances the pro-
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ever they did, they could never make up for the agony
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cess, or at least very gentle pressure only should be
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and the interest thereof, added to those portions of
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which the contents of the bowel were seen to escape.
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May 2:3rd. There was decided improvement in breath-
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typhus, nor that typhus had been imported into Preston.
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be given to any such empirical dogma as is contained in
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through the centre of the growth, may be inserted ;
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St. Thomas's Hospital. Tiie following resolution has
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acquiring anatomical knowledge of the part, which a
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from the very commencement of the throat-malady, of
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note which, in my humble opinion, sets glandular en-
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Ellis, James, Esq., Surgeon R.N., at ", Belgrave Street South, on
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three patients died, as the same with the malignant pus-
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itself — the most dangerous of all the enemies which
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throwing up, witliout effort, small quantities of green
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loss jier annum in the United Kingdom varies from seven
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of the nerves of sensation, namely, of the vagus, the
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Mean direction of wind, N.'.V. & X.E. — Kain iu inches, 0.18.
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all the news of the Nillage, and some from London, and
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a short, dry, and brassy cough, and her voice was deep
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nipple ; the pulse was sharp and irritable. There was
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family. Certainly, the lancet has in many instances
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16. The name of no member shall remain on the books of the
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made their appearance in the neighbourhood of the first.
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region of the bladder. The catheter was introduced, and
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ammonia; as well as glycerolates of tinctures of opium,
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replied they must have me to speak as to the state of
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fesses to controvert my views on tlie local aciiun of
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moral insanity is not a fact. In truth, on this nega-
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of the hospital, and by some of their private friends. It
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establishment there were about 200, who were fed un-
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was congenital, burst and exposed the contents. Some
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fidence would be placed in their opinions by judges and
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tion of the army medical officer must be established on
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H. N.— We thoroughly agree with a correspondent who says: "I
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harder to recover the fee than I had to earn and deserve
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itself of its contents. In the absence of hsemorrhage, I