over only one supreme legislative body — Parliament — while

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Wonderful Cures Explained.— A few years ago, says the London

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as a guild by charter granted by Henry VI, in 1446,

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ting a small quantity of No. 2 in a cloth, and placing it

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ought not to ; but, in spite of the fact that it ought not,

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materials destined either to form the solid callus, or to become new

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weakness, frequently to the extent of prostration, develops; at other times the

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by exposure to an intense chill at an evening party,

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yourself in a carpet, rug, bed-cloth, or any garment you can get hold of, always

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Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otol., 1913, XXVIII. , p. 353. Cohen, J. Solis (Phila-

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under twenty years of age, who have, and girls who have

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ox 2-4 oz ; ass 2 oz ; sheep ^ oz ; swine 2-3 drs ; dog 1-2 drs.

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ergotine in his practice in preference to crude ergot, as the

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periods of exemption became longer and longer until

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organism, and these neuroses are manifested either in a nauseated

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(2) Remove and place cartilage in warm saline solution.

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that to prevent one or other is to cure the disease.

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not heard of one well authenticated case which has been cured

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It is also useful in excessive drooling of teething infants, when

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The only dilRculty in the operation of removing the scrotum by

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^'Irrigation. — The crop was fairly up June 12 when both

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sufficient food. She is a particularly intelligent, sensible woman,

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tubercular deposit in the brain or its membranes, when it occurs,

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special medication to which allusion has already been made.

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Gregorian physic, was to be attacked vigorously by free blood-letting, the cold

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recurrent, about one-third responded ; in sixteen of epithe-

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the age of 55, and his mother (II, 2) was subject to recurring epistaxis. One

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but few. Aside from Thacher's Medical Biography (1828), the trans-

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the presence of trivalent cations, while collodion membranes not so

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and painful micturition. The patient stated that his

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use, are, we believe, being found less cogent. Per-

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appear to be from injected specimens. The above conclusions are based on

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and the stimulant given. He began to improve at once. The pulse

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the causation of disease — age, sex, race, occupation,

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past seven years the ravages of tuberculosis in what may