Don't permit any muscular exertion on the patient's part ; and
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being equal, the prognosis is not so good in this form of delirium as in
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is produced within an hour after its administration. It has been
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iioBed officer always present on the occasion. There is a
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ment. We may well combine this inquiry with some of the modern
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to express the opinion, as the result of my observation and a
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upper limbs ; this phase is called the second period. Lastly, symptoms
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so that destructive lesion or defect of the organ exhibits itself in a con-
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afterwards she had another, which was general, and tolerably
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give for the gfdl-bladder in the commencement of hybernation a condition analogous to that
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more frequent exposure to evening air in the country.
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uinler dropsical swellings of the limbs; and latterly there was genera]
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after the general enforcement of the sanitary ordinance in regard to
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raised by the delegates themselves. Many such debates resulted
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the pectoral muscles. On examination it was found that the skin
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quite tlie same. It has become, like some cognate foundations
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thorough practical knowledge of nothing, is the order
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a fire to above eighty degrees Fahrenheit. While this is not
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the tension of his muscles, calling forth a reflex spasm. When
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physician has received surprisingly little attention.
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child, aged 5 years, "was frightened by a fowl flying at her, and fell
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occurred since May, 1916, in Mesopotamia. At first cases had
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taken for suicidal purpose, in which belladonna thrown into the stomach had
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sion ; apocynum when the dropsy is general and the heart
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muscular and moral strength, against which that of a
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brings ; here we need love and tenderness in full measure,
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Economy. — The annual grant of $750 dollars made by the
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stimulating influence which the salt solution has upon the heart. This
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of the heart " — ^is best avoided, as when the word " heart " has
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Obstetric operations, when necessary, shall be charged in addition
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and more those of the clinician. The wide gap which formeriy existed
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