be much higher. According to Folin and Denis,^^ the usual range in
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Special peculiarities are shown also in the production of fever in the
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very inconstant, and that the blood of apparently uninfected individuals
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and Additions, by JOSEPH LEIDY, M. D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylva-
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Weight of the liver 2,350 gm. ; surface is granular. Microscopically the
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be made by any district veterinarian of any domestic animals in transit through
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organic nonvolatile acids of the blood. The other phenomena of this
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of physical organisms. What is insanity ? A physical disease,
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parison of the two methods we must apply sound surgical principles
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particularly with a view to having the Journal identifieil with
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to disinfect every room in Boston in which there has
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There is abundant proof that the streptococci multiply outside of the body;
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normal appearances, except as to size, and inflammatory reactions are
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together with sutures, a free opening, however, being left at its lower end for
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vative Surgery in Compound Fractures," Dr. MacFarlane,
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Loo, Marcus Hsieu-Hong. Clinical Instructor in Surgery
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much damage to the organ. Affections of single nerves, as denoted either
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are to guide the physician in the use of this agency, and of the
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thereof it is often still possible to recognize the^ boundary be-
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Semeiology. — Always more or less swelling of the part, with fistu-
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transported by stretcher or ambulance, only to be found dead
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as the medical literature of that time is silent on this point. In 1546 Brassa-