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phosphorus is in this country mostly used in the manufacture of ordinary
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length ; the coronet a little raifed ; the hoof black,
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Garlic, as recommended by Vivian Poore, seems to have much the
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time of year. I believe that the points which will be of greatest assistance
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of chronic catarrh bear a close superficial resemblance, but they are
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disappear. Its return after disappearance is a bad sign, and points to
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variety of Tardieu, in which the symptoms are irritant, nervous, and
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marked stridor, especially after exertion, and there was frequent cough,
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112,981 cattle slaughtered, 414 were condemned, on account of tubercu-
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14. Sodium bicarbonate. This is, on the whole, the safest
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and intestine, the resistance and thickness of the abdominal walls, the
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a powder containing iodoform 1 part, borax 3 parts, and morphine one-
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his ufual labour, as a coach-horfe. — In July 1762,
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iiiiich more lubftantial, and confequently more pro-
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with brain affections, such as cerebral haemorrhage, meningitis, tumour of
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Wadsworth and Kirkbride. Comparison of the potency, poly valency and thera-
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added, and the amethyst blue solution is changed to a clear yellow or
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At Toronto a small percentage of the student's time is devoted
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because the more premature the child the larger the head is relatively
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of cases, which I have called gastric insufficiency, there is a primary
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In gout that symmetry is wanting. It was this symmetrical affection of
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large caput which is usually present may make the identification of the
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that it is thick and muddy, or that it deposits a sediment on standing.
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coat which is chiefly affected. The intima becomes greatly thickened, and
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the intellectual powers as well as the motor may be so depressed, that the
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Antitoxin added to a proper volume of toxin or convalescent
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ther licks it, or to excite her fo to do, it is right to
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separating this organism in a pure form, and proved definitely the relation
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to vagal slowing of the heart and sums up this opinion in a recent
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the chronic form ; it may simply be an exacerbation of the chronic condition.
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makes it impossible to offer during the academic session set courses of
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give notice in writing to such ])erson requiring him to consult
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nodules vary somewhat in colour and consistency, for they reproduce
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minimised. The daily rests d\iring convalescence should be for
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which it follows that it is excellent treatment to give at night a pill
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feveral horfes often deceive us by a falfe appearance,