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invaluable. It is simple in its construction, has no delicate
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tion of the nasal passages were completely changed into squamous epithelium.
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teriological and the clinical. As influenza is usually an epidemic
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be commenced when unconscious winking is no longer produced by touching
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reviewing the evidence upon which our present opinions are
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Spurgeon said, "When I have found intense pairi relieved, a weary
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upon the surface of the sound, and melts again when introduced into the
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thing else. The cases I refer to are either possession or illegal
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that with the help of these the stomach be drawn up against
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apparent, showing that reduction did not reduce all the injured parts to
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particular case it brings up the point of matching. We matched several
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found there was a considerable sacculation in the thorax, extending to
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for thirty minutes in carbolic methylene-blue (methylene-blue, 1.5 grm.;
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with such insurance is the rate of physicians' compensation.
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In treating the third class of cases, the night-sweats of phthisis, the usual
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^©or the syringe-bag, by lengthening of the tube, could have
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enza with sodium benzoate. This is confirmative of the observations made
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all of them effectively and will show to those who are constantly
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eight or nine times. We all know that any gastric or duodenal ulcer, if
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ultimately cease to discharge. In some cases, fistulse form at the seat of punc-
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age: the etiology is different, and examination by the finger shows the
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come in response to the demand of the proletariat. The ranks of
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intestinal contents, produces a certain fatal result. The third
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sidered by a large number of writers as a rare affection. I, myself, had
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was found a hazelnut-sized tumor projecting from the outer side and
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result secured in the eight cases in which he has used the serum
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eye ; the interblending of ocular functions with every act, physical and
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Circular, January 8, 1890, regarding the use of menthol in the above affections.
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diagnosis was made, regardless of time, place, or circumstances,
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vation in the hospital at the age of ten, and epilepsy was well marked.
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a single authentic instance affecting this point, and BarwelP declares
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bonic acid sufficient to restrain within combustible limits the conversion
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variation, too, may take place within a comparatively short time, and while
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