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tious or absolutely deleterious." It was believed also
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through its effect on the heart. However, the cause of
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tality of from 1.7 to 2.7 per cent., and when used on the second
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Db. H. J. Gabbigues read a paper on this subject. Among
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tongue. The latest case observed by Nehrkorn was that of a
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tight clothing, with the outward and upward movements
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registration after this year, the law for some reason
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fistulie became nearly dried up, while the patient was able to
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quired for the physiologic activity of certain specific tissues erf
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half hour, and about one quart of water was evaporated
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antiseptic, lubricated cotton tampon, to which a tape
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Db. Walter B. James, New York City, said that it is gen-
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do possess. Of late pharmacology has been neglected
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figures probably under-rate the true gravity of the dis-
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Db. Mabtin W. Wabe reported this case, commenting upon
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