body, — blood, phlegm, and yellow and black bile.
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pital statistics. Take, for instance, those of the Vienna General Hospital. Out of
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tics, the patient was given by her family physician to
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trations. "When that volume first made its appearance, some of my pru-
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sieve, either let it drain, or press it dry ; pass the curd through
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A village physician, of ten years' practice, told me that he had
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became diffusely indurated, and circumscribed nodules appeared in the subcu-
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chemically in that flnid itself, we may prove the point by find-
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Carcinogenesis, Mutagenesis, Impairment of Fertility. A
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Every precaution has l>een taken in the preparation of the present volume, to render its mecha-
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them in the same way, but where actual tissue destruction has occurred,
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of the body have not been stimulated as a whola Such diBeases,
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except that the central parts swing more sharply than
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tagion does not readily spread on the air, a river or common
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less than adequate space. Subjects of topical interest, such as gas gangrene,
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think that there has been here no old renal lesion, but that the
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saturation and not partial pressure of oxygen. However, we
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the Tupsleys and Sir Hercules 's being the most success-
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courses of lectures with an interval of not less than six months between
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of majority was recognized amoug women as well as among men, and a
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fact that chronic infectious arthritis is to-day mistaken for chronic
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in thousands of households where are now onlj' to be found the
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(b) Minute embolisms. — ^Nothnagel (53) has called attention to cases of
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ether until just turbid and scratching the chloride separated in large
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1951. Ellis, Mackinnon, Kelkinny, RFD #4, Jonesboro, Tenn. (37659)
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needles threaded at each end of the ligature. I now use the
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serous discharge, accompanied by frequent sneezing, and occasional
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