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multiple pea- or bean-sized spots of gangrene. This occurs, for

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zation of the faculty of speech in the anterior lobes of the brain,

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1833-34 a. — Acarides (p. 16); Acarus (pp. 16-17, pi. 3, figs. 1-4); anthomye,

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difficulty, not comparable with laryngotomy in respect

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pox, and which is due to fluid being enclosed in the small spaces in the

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freighted bosoms. When such a nurse cannot be obtained, there is

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guson, Daniel F. Hannon, Ivan Schneible, Irving Van Woert,

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young man aged 23, which he treated by an injection of iodine.

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become delirious and show marked nervous manifestations. In others, hem-

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shielded against the charge of criminal abortion. Mechanical means

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The worst weed in the state ; a positive pest in the hay fields.

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separation of the motor and sensory tracts and centres. We have to

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suggestive remark of the distinguished naturalist Buffon :

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follow undue exertion in mitral disease, especially

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At the end of the three months, as the menses had greatly dimin-

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His self-control and evenness of temperament were remarkable.

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of the mother's nipple ; sublingual ulceration may also be a result, and

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