present very commonly in the faeces of herbivorous animals, as has already
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like the immortal Hunter, material that will serve a future genera-
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cases will fail to be made. Yet even the most experienced aus-
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ingle ventricle and hypoplastic left A-V valve (anatomic
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the patient or, in the case of a child, the attendants of the effect of this
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The blood oftentimes spontaneously coagulates in the vessels during
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being excluded, — as "the intentional addition of an article, for purposes of
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while admitting the improvement of sewage by dilution,
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to eat ; it soon grows weak ; staggers in walking ; turns purple
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A continuation course in diseases of the chest was held
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direction of the sutures, which are made to run parallel
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42. Morphia in some Cases of Insanity. Dr, W. J*. Mickle . . ' r^' ' T ^^
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incubation, and again after forty-eight hours' incubation. Pneumo-
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character in the limbs ; there is a profuse offensive discharge from
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and invest both the testes : the outermost of the common
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carried by it into the water was at least 100 times greater than
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tinctly felt in the hepatic region ; pain of right shoulder ; pulse 84.
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patient was bleeding, but I believed the contraction of
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high. It must not be forgotten, however, that in most of the
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■ lined from the entrance of air into the veins, and
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cedure should occupy in surgery. Pare, Herster. and
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abate ; at the same time the whole surface of the body usually
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* Lord Shaftesbury says " From my own experience as a Commissioner
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are all refreshing and permissible in fevers. For convenience, I here
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continually. This class generally make a great noise about medicines.
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2,380 pounds per day. The liver and kidneys respectively
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the inevitable bromide of potassium, which is so vauntingly
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time becomes distinctly slower. The heart in all these cases was
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employed, and the tubes being kept at 55°C. for 4 to 5 hours. ^^ Rabbit 3 showed
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In our first efforts to prepare this acid recourse was had to the re-
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tuberculo-pneumonic phthisis that we meet with all these appear-
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A Glimpse of the Ling System. — {Archives Cliniques de Bordeaux?)