generally designated. It is sometimes called tcintergreen ; but, as this

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Properties, It is in pieces of yarious length, usually short, slightly

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a food which will support the system without either stimulat-

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lepinal marrow. In a case of very severe neuralgia of the bowels^ whi(

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render a country moist, on account of the want of a proper

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is a favourite poem of mine, though I wrote it myself.

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the effect quickly subsides upon the cessation of the action.

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^ tion of sage should be lessened, and the maceration shortened, so that

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same time, the contractility of the muscles is greatly aug-

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favours the healing process. It is said also to have proved beneficial in

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vapour surrounded the patient, and that often the habitation

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ant, they often go wrong, and emit a bad odour. They cheat

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oclier alfiKtions : the gas being used as h issued from the natural foant-

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snbetances now under consideration. One evidence that their direct

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lence ; and, though the patient may be relieved of the dyspnoea, he is

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or in groups, did no better on challenge with S. aureus than

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{Phytdolog. and Patholog. Besearchen, a,d. 182fv), that general attention

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was at one time claimed for gallic acid, which is associated with tannic

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braces other medicines, as the waters of ammonia, carbonic acid, and

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able influence on the system. The poet was not so far wrong

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medicines, such a direction to distinct constituents of the structure is

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importance of attending to its heat, moisture, and mo-

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Raisins and Prunes. — Raisins and prunes are similar

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Pharmacopoeia to be prepared from bitter orange-peel, and may bo used

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to act, in a concentrated state, direcUy upon the blood. Its influence in

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alone can furnish urea by their imperfect conversion into blood or solid

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ted to be nothing more than a simple bitter, and to be applicable only to

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environmental temperature on the course of experimental