ciribrale. Paris, 1874. — 45. Weber. " A contribution to the pathology of the crura
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inquiry. Mrst, as to men's leave. Commanding officers would
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the dorsal region. In the posterior and lateral columns
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cartilage with the sternum and thence up the left border of
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scissors. This instrument was made for me in a most ex-
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istic colorless hexagonal crystals, soluble in ammonia and in hydrochloric
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germs that withstand great extremes of temperature,
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removal of all pernicious or hurtful conditions of the hemopoietic or-
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On April 16, 1898, returned, complaining of sore feeling
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tliirtieth day after operation. The pins introduced to
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on the palate which have identified his name with some of the
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symptom, the return of the menstrual flow on the ninth day,
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Art. 18. — On the Supposed Virulent Emanations, and on the State in
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Dr. T. H. Mauley held that all pus accumulations about a joint should be evacu-
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not be a great expense to the society and it would help the councilors
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Jones — Davis — October 26th, at the Sand Hills, near Augusta,
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bottles of hot water, blocks of wood or bits of board heated in boiling
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cated, you should operate. While the patient is still
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ration, anchylosis, caries or necrosis, spina ventosa, osseous
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ities, alcoholic breath. Pulse 100, temperature 99°,
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There is always a disposition manifested at these annual
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tis, and its immediate cause being the action of the ether and the
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{b) Child with ventral hernia after operation for suppur-
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focus. Ordered 10 c.c. anti-streptococcic serum every six hours, altogether 260
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assuring relatively equal consideration for the gen-
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coachman gets upon the box, he should walk round his
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before us from the cellars of Mr. Denman — some marvellously
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ductor, an electrolyte, consisting of about seventy per