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not be injurious ; certainly its irritation when gargled does harm,
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nication made to the Surgical Society of Paris, M. Dolbeau has called
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and fluid extract. The former may be injected deep into
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Moreover, some drugs (volatile oils) exert an antiseptic
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dermatitis, erythema and moist eczema attended with itch-
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Body but little emaciated; the thigh of wounded side at least
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because it prevents clotting outside the body. This action
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1. It diminishes the force and frequency of the heart.
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or one-half to one pint for dogs. In chronic constipation
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Properties. — A colorless, odorless, syrupy liquid, of a
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in operating for strabismus, the oljject is to keep within it, and cut
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Dr. Curtis is still separated from the regiment, being attached to
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3. Belladonna does not have much influence over spasm
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species of the same genus, is also a very efficient parasiticide
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action of the bromides, in relieving nervous excitability and
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vomitus and faecal discharges may be luminous, and have
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2 — old age, 2 — par ly.-^is, 1 — pertussis, 1 — peritonitis, 1 — rheumatism, 1 — smallpox, 2 — un-
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other places, still, as nearly as can be ascertained, 10,000 gallons, or
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delirium and black vomit came on, and notwithstanding all our
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substitutes for the salts of quinine, and the decoctionsof the bark have