Suprarenals. — The adrenals were usually congested and somewhat
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put it into the pots to keep, and when cold, cover it with clari-
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Art. 242. — Retroflexion of the Uterus — Progressive Hemiplegia — De-
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this head there were many phases of "Care" discussed, and many
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enjoyment of health. She took half an ounce of the chlorate of potash
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the muscles over which they are distributed, while the nervous forces
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gin are situated distally, that is, in the spinal gangUon. These
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wishes that the tables had been turned in his favor
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tion and aid. But I shall at least point out to you what are those
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the seat of changes to be described. On microscopic examination the tissue
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and blankets must be disinfected. These three desiderata
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dinand Hiippe, the celebrated Austrian bacteriologist. He has
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to the extent of the rupture of the vessels, I confess that this
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that it will refuse water, furnishing nutrition without the labor of digestion,
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best, because this distemper usually abounds with phlegma*
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before his illness, in fact the mental and physical condition
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convalescence. But these units must be more or less mobile so that the
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he has an occasional dropped beat (extrasystole) and that he has an occa-
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it is otherwise. His courao:e, his fidelitv, and devotion induce
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And this almost barbarous over-treatment did not at once cease,
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among students who have just entered upon their col-
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began with 17 patrons owning 100 cows, and the daily product was 79
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pens of the able members of the profession, that we may com-
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from diarrheal diseases, but also in the deaths of infants
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tion or technique of a case experience; and special articles,
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cocci were found; but in the membrane diphtheria bacilli
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position, and nearly always calls for the administration
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a false passage ; the surgeon cannot visit hira again for a number
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length, with the necessary kitchen and boiler-house. It
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the physical statistics of the growth and development of the juvenile
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Altura, Ramon Tenefrancia, s, a, w, sp, Philippine Islands, U. of Philippines;
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gallons of water and two ounces corrosive sublimate, for
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to 3. M. D. (Harv.) 1862; (11. C. S. I.) 1865. L. 11. C. S. I.
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pneumonia, similar conditions exist. When infection is once started
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Fagge i^^) ; the former, however, considered that the lesion was
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hitherto failed to show the continuity between the protoplasm surround-