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his work, " Electricity in the Diseases of Women," and so

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smaller aneurysm to the left and interiorly. Catheter size is 4.5 F.

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(a) Scrub the entire penis with green soap and water.

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A slight knowledge of these diseases, especially the

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Daniels' cells are sufficient for ordinary cases. The mode of application I adopt

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alcoholic excess, mental strain, depressing emotions, or a general state of ill-

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The cold stage lasts a few minutes or one or two days in

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limpid, almost devoid of mucus, frothing on the application of heat.

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but in Dr. Fearnsides' opinion the number of points in which the two patients

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(a) Induction, (b) Maintenance, (c) After-results of Anesthesia,

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I am not quite sure, he answered, but I don't know how you can

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persons of refugees from Shreveport; but no infection either

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the mortality of the two main types of the disease, of the results of