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little hemorrhage, and this was chiefly venous. The patient was discharged
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Wm. H. W., M. D., Dorchester. Mass., after four months use in a "trying time of the year," said: —
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We know a man, now encouraging, by his patronage, the eclectic course
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The tubes radiate from the circumference of the gland to the
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moral and physical well-being of the inebriate, and are of
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food, but without air we cannot live three minutes.
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diced scholar, to believe that it will be received with unappreciation
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been injured, parallels very closely the history of
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ranged from 99° to 102° F., the pulse from 120 to 150, and the respirations from
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Hospitals Cooperative Study Group, VA = Veterans Administration, V A-
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writes, and this carries conviction. It is for this
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never seen a case in which the pelvic roof did not become
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The history of these last cases has been given, not only as corrobora-
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may be applied to the feet and a hot drink may be given internally,
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are diminished ; it indicates how profoundly metabolism is affected in
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devoted his attention throughout his life especially