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Kumysgen is made from fresh, sweet milk, and contains fully
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CHLORALAMID-SCHERING, the new hypnotic introduced a little
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occur as a consequence of dilatation of the right side of the heart. Albu-
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appropriate diet and regimen; and was sent on a voyage to
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the so-called rice-water or choleraic stools are apparent, the patient is to
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hausted by the deposit in the glands of the neck, and that afterward it is
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some patients take fatty articles of food freely without repugnance and
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hands, proved the most eft'ective, and this, I believe, was the result of the
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tremities of the valvular curtains and segments. These small masses are
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useful. Carbolic acid vapor or spray may be inhaled if the matter of
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may attribute it to a toxical origin. All endemic and epidemic diseases
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speculation. The special cause doubtless exists in the atmosphere, but it
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commenced, the specific gravity had fallen to 1.023, and by the
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for the imperfect vision under which she labored. Dr. Hays at
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blood is the centre round which the general metamorphosis of animal
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for food beyond the wants of the S3'stem. As thus defined, these terms are
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desquamation ceased or became less, and involution took
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nary tuberculosis. If the affection be traceable to syphilis, the anti-S3q3hi-
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are not distinctive of this variet3\ They represent the presence of more
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