A short recapitulation of the more important tests may not

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to the Performance of Post-Mortem Examinations," which, not-

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and the advantages of sound having to travel only a short way, and

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are patients who are not in a fit condition to be so disposed of, one

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perfect a system of organization for the Society during the ensuing

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The next thing after incisions is hemorrhage — bleeding.

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Stin Diseases are entitled to rank first, not only from their frequency,

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scribed by M. Vail in in a recent number of "L'Union Med."

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The Committee on Nominations then reported as follows : The com-

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the severe and perhaps threatening symptoms which it may have pro-

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any quarter. The aim of courses 6, 7, and 10 will be to train the student to do intelligent

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gulation of any moment, no doubt the surgeon ought to

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plaine<l of more or less jx-i-sistcnt jiain in the loin on the same side

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persons were crushed to death. There is no need here to go into the horrors

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such as febris reciirrens, llava, and the Texas cattle-fever ; and,

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persons of refugees from Shreveport; but no infection either

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huge gray front of the unfinished Duomo, to the left the

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to remove all of the exposed mucous membrane of the

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reporting. Their frequency as well will be proportional to

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plained by Garre on the supposition of such antago-

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A tolerably extensive observation of blood in different diseases has led us to the con-

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to be located in the posterior part of the third frontal convolution ; (4) The

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class of nurses in a two-year course had recently been

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fall or blow in the region of the kidney, most of the cases recorded

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Secondly, to visit the offices of some of the distinguished hospital physicians and

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speak, to make a case in its favor. It has been his

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finall}^ passed. His vision was 8/20. However, almost invariably,

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Saunders, F. W., 17 Barkstone Gardens, South Kensington,

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limbs, and could not walk into the church. It seemed

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probability, fracture of the petrous portion of the temporal bone,

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8. A. B. (Colby) 1863; M. D. (Georgetown) 1868. Mem. Wor.

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have shown degenerative changes. This slender fiber with fre-

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