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cupy his mind and task his powers of digestion for many a day.

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to deny that infection from cholera patients ever takes place.

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Von Graefe found that the application of caustic in the acute stage

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daily since last report, and pus is now little more than visible.

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petre, preparations of arsenic, chloride of iron, and the strontium salts

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digitalis, and opium, — ^may be successfully employed in treating certain

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The condition of the urine most favorable for the solubility of the

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of an invading cholera is a phenomenon of meteorological signifi-

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a disappearance of the tachycardia, then a diminution in the size of the

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and the cannula is inserted in the central direction and bound to the vein

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various drugs that have been employed are legion ; they may,

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6 months, in spite of persistence of the renal disease. [I believe we

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taking the samples from the different dilutions. This is repeated

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lecithin when added to blood whose phagocytic power has been

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Fish. — Sea-fish must not be eaten unless they can be obtained fresh,

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Bennett in regard to the inutility of strychnine in cases of locomotor