the temples and rituals of Askleplos at Epiilaurus and Athens, 666;
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early spring, that a wood-fire is commonly seen in the sitting-
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accompanied by mental aberration. It lasted for a week, during which
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;d all the Experiment Farms in the Slate, keeping full
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** methods of operating for the extraction of. By John Green, M.D 170
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initial dose. The details of the other case follow immediately (Table
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disease and death all around, and the agency of the enlight-
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THE determination of pregnancy at the earliest possible period
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advisable to remain non-com mital on these questions, which
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Several of these side effects appear to be dose related. Peripheral edema occurred in about
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By referring to 3, and interpreting the word infinite^ as applied to an image, as
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three hours, of five grains of the iodide of potassium, and full
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troubled with constipation, and then only for a limited time, and by
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the normal character of the respiratory murmur is a prolonga-
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mate idea can be formed of the amount of hospital accommodation
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to be inserted under the cuticle by two or three oblique punctures
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circumscribed patches of necrosis and diphtheritis. Some of these circum-
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lutely necessary in the case of aerobes or of anaerobes which are trans-
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of intramine were injected, which cured the sinus and caused all the
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in just such cases that conservatism is likely to look most promising
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the dulness will change as the position of the patient is
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of increase from a variety of causes, and they hold
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p. 317, et 318) and B. Cauvet ("Achives de M6dicine Navale,"
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of the palm of the hand at the cardiac end of the greater curvature,
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the inside and outside of the building, and especially when
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and to conform to the regulations, for the time being, in force in the Retreat.
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rebral, pulmonary, or abdominal viscera, suspending their func-
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time the woman risks aggravation in the renal symptoms and
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Read be/ore the Clinical and Pathological Section of the Chv eland Academy of