losis were adverted to. Tuberculous patients should

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bustion, the latter will not support combustion, but is one

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being set free ; that it is extremely irritating on this

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OF Bergson. By H. Wildon Care, Hon. D.Litt.Durh. Pp. xii -)- 216. Price6s.net.

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Inefficient support is often worse than none, because if

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of poison into the blood through some breach in the genital tract.

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symphyseotomy with all its possible subsequent disad-

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for I consider it a typical case of cleft palate. It is a

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ened part, otherwise they will fail. I'se a very sharp scalpel and

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chapter in the medical history of the sixty-two years during which

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each member with one of the pamphlets, containing my.

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hasten the death of the patient. I consider that the shock given to the

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tooth, if plugged with ashes of burnt mouse dung, or with a

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i'ot No. 28. — No alkali. In seven days three up, in eight

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more acute and the more extensive the lesion the less likely is recovery

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Siboney and later on board of a hospital transport re-

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higher up, and tied about one inch below its origin. The patient subse-

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Sinus tachycardia, the most common arrhythmia, occurred

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cases in which the eye is affected with cancer, or other malignant dis-

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conditions favourable to its onset are not likely to be favourable to its

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the lumbar muscles may result from nephritis ; the muscles surrounding the shoulder

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near the shore. Two objects should be kept in view in selecting

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increase in the number of cells in the neural tube and in the nasal

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purpose, and upon the receipt of said certificate, from the said

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took place at a relatively late period in the growth of the lesions.

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world relative to this disease are divided as to the

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to the full by both lecturers with mutual co-operation for the good of

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diff"usible through water. When examined hy the microscope, a

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selves, influence the pulse in this and other respects ; he there-

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increasing size. Even administering the serum with extreme slow-

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ble in an exterminative system that made slight provision for the

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The normal pulse of the dog is from 72 to 90, according to the con-

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much as mention its occurrence. A brief description of its prin-

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other remedy to arrest the progress of the disease, in most of the cases

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from the carious second lumbar vertebra ; the pus had gravitated

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New osteoclast. Ferrari. Avcbiv. f . Orthopaedia An. iv, Fasc.