can be felt a resistance that is caused apparently by the
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It is said, grant that Dr. 'i'homson may have discovered something
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scientific accuracy by physicians ; and yet the symptoms of dis-
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gastric symptoms, nor can we have disease of any abdominal or-
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removal of the fat, the urine can be tested for albumin, which is
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bearing on the possible role of insects in the transmission of leprosy
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ing the eschar. The best substitute for the knife is
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his friends were uncertain whether to ascribe to disease, or to the
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neuritis), the chances are strongly in favour of abscess rather than of
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use of alcohol after a rattlesnake bite, and this has always been
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case began three weeks after the first, the other six following in rapid
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a^inst 10,747 cases and 584 deaths for the corresponding period
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As regards the treatment of this condition there is little to
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try of adrenal glucocorticoids. Steroid Therapy, edited by DL Azamoff, W.
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liver, irregular and retarded pulse, albuminuria, etc, without there be-
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and not a breath of breeze. I have been waiting to tro to
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Studies of urobilinogen. V. A simple method for the quan-
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gave out an odor of recently passed urine. A carel'ul
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may, to a number not exceeding twenty-five, be elected honorary mem-
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guchi, the luetin reaction is due to an allergic con-
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should be upright, with the head slightly inclined to one side, the skull
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"unproductive labor would not be imported by the Six Companies."*
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poultices applied over the pock itself, for they soften the tender struc-
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sidered ; and no disease demands more careful study as
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This incision was four inches long from the umbilicus
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the usual quantity of gelatinous mucus, there was a pulpy bit of
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tion in a small space. The number also contains two
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an article by Dr. Andrew Macfarlane appearing in The Popu-
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arch, the pouches burst, the process is then completed by
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This remedy is a specific for removing liver obstructions
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science of anatomy of a devotee, a patient observer, and a
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ployed in Vienna and Paris consists of a metallic bath-tub containing
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itself for increased amount of blood it must carry.
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years has made me familiar with its varied use in the treat-
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whatever source, which gain access to the peritoneal