words, we should operate in the precancerous stage,
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careful study of the literature, using the Index Medicus, the Gyneco-
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8. The Future Prospects and Position of the Medical
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is separated and added drop by drop to a broth-culture, in the propor-
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bnt had had "nervons indigestion" as long as he could re-
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these investigations by many members of the laboratory staff of the
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which the carcinomatous disease seemed to begin and spread inward. Facial
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reach all the surfaces of the teeth situated well back
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Tympanites is another grave symptom. If the abdomen distends and
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he preferred not to limit himself to any one particu-
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applies to the lungs and especially to the kidneys.
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hospital. It is one of the foremost medical centers of the country.
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The first type was represented by the case in which
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the introduction of air through a wound of the soft parts. He refers
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Rhaehitis is much more closely allied to osteomalacia than to osteo-
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foreign body through delicate tissues already seri-
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fering from the disease. The question of establishing
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carbonates, bicarbonates, phosphates, urea, and dex-
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their respective stations to the Camp of Instruction, Fort
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XXXI. Linck (Archiv f. CryndkoL, 1887, xxx. 264). No history of
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also that in 1893-'94 a remarkable increase in tuberculosis took place in
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explains by the assumption of a depression of the right side as the result of
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stance in a sitting posture), he should be seen and
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frequent attacks of vomiting and the carrying of heavy weights.
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S!u' w.is propped up in bed from the second day and the
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condition was present. Of these, twenty-four were on the bodies of
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without special equipment of its own, came to be, therefore, in the
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regret that the author has not given further study and more space to
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Cleaves, F. H., Acting Assistant SurgeoiL (iranted .
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not talk of her husband, her married life endently not
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ration. This lasted some minutes, during which the harsh asthmatic breath-
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from the universities of Geneva. Berne, and Heidelberg.
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imperfect material for vaccination, may be regarded by a natural cultivation